• Vladimir Bedoya Betancur

HEART: Unifying Communities by Vladimir Bedoya Betancur

This project moves every cell in my body; it makes my imagination and love for teaching and sharing with the community grow and spread with the only intention of shortening that bridge that is difficult to pass for some of us when we arrive between the Latinx and the American community, by experiencing the sense of belonging.

HEART is an idea that came to life by the hand of two great women I have had the pleasure to share my life with, which made the creation process accessible, more meaningful, and community-centered. The idea of sharing the art that Marcela practices with so much passion and writing the immigrant stories of the community members that join the project is just enough reason to work hard and help this workshop become the launching point into a different perspective of life in the U.S. for the participants.

I wanted to be part of this project because I believe the stories of the immigrants are worth telling. On top of that, their stories are usually exposed when the tragedy can set an example to the community or benefit someone else’s interests.

Latinx individuals in Nashville need to find more spaces that would safely and gradually bring them closer to the other local and international cultures that breathe and share the experience of living in Music City, U.S. therefore HEART was created.

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