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(1) Provide the opportunity and guidance for participants to develop their artistic abilities and establish a network of providers, agents, and places to exhibit and promote their art.

(2) Connect participants from the LatinX and the American communities in Nashville.

(3) Become a point of reference for artists and art lovers seeking to learn more and share experiences about each other’s cultures.

(4) Implement strategies and methodologies to help project participants to feel empowered by their art.

(5) Design, develop, and foster long-term collaboration, and welcome new artists.


The workshop has four phases, which will be implemented during a five-month period, from October 4 to March 28. See the stages below:

(1) Creative Writing Sessions: Participants will engage in group readings and analysis of canonic Spanish literary texts; which will lead them to write the texts and will inspire the art pieces. 

(2)  Art Sessions: Participants will be trained in different textile techniques and allow them to translate the texts into art.

(3) English and Presentation Skills Sessions:  Participants will learn and develop presentation skills to present their project to others.

(4) Public showcase: Participants will be part of a Collective Exhibit leading to an online exhibit in ContArte Latinoamérica (CAL).

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HEART will host guest speakers and organize extracurricular activities: visits to museums, events, and other activities of interest. We will hold weekly meetings. These activities and reunions will allow the students to find the necessary inspiration and develop and acquire the tools they need to express themselves through creativity, language, and art.